KWIK KWOTES: Lady Night Delivers The Cold Hard Facts of Cartooning to Sam Zabel

zabel- cover“Look, Sam, you gotta realize – This stuff ain’t Tolstoy, okay? I’m a superhero in a comic book …. Honey, I hate to break the news … but you ain’t no Alan Moore.”

From Sam Zabel and the Magic Pen a graphic novel by Dylan Horrocks copyright 2014 by Dylan Horrocks

(No less an authority than Alison Bechdel has called this book “a tour de force ….. gorgeously drawn and playful adventures that explore the serious anxieties of midlfe …. (Although if you were to turn The Magic Pen into a hit Broadway musical you would need lotsa props, makeup and costumes -and the world’s most resourceful set designer.)

KWIK KWOTES: Russell Crowe on Emotional and Psychological Pain

If you ask me, nobody gets to escape their pain. It’s there when you brush your teeth at night. It’s there before breakfast. it’ll come up fierce and sharp. It’ll lay on you, blunt and heavy. The most you can hope for is one good day. ‘Cause on a good day you get to tell yourself, ‘I can fix this. Today can be different. Today something might change.’ “

RUSSELL CROWE in Tenderness (2009)

Screenplay by Emil Stern. Adapted from the novel by Robert Cormier

Russsell Crowe in TENDERNESS
Russsell Crowe in TENDERNESS

KWIK KWOTES: Women as Victims According to One Author ……

“I saw a look in her eyes that I have seen in the eyes of many other women who had reported stalkers or obscene callers or voyeurs or violent and dangerous men who made their lives miserable. Sometimes their complaints got lost in procedure; sometimes they were trivialized and conveniently ignored. In most homicides involving female victims, there’s a long paper history leading up to the woman’s death. If someone feels this is an overly dour depiction, I recommend he visit a shelter for battered women.”

James Lee Burke  Light of the World   (Simon & Schuster) Copyright by James Lee Burke 2013


KWIK KWOTES: “Pegasus Descending” by James Lee Burke

Pegasus - Cover

“Her friends turned out to be a strange collection. They were in their twenties or early thirties , and each seemed to claim a role for themselves that appeared to be more an aspiration than a reality.” 

James Lee Burke Pegasus Descending  (Simon & Schuster) Copyright 2006 by James Lee Burke

KWIK KWOTES: You Don’t Have To Go To College To Be Street Smart ….

“He didn’t get past the tenth grade, but that didn’t mean anything. He read bodybuilding magazines and did crossword puzzles . He could break down an engine. He was smart.”

George Pelecanos The Cut  copyright 2011 by Goerge P. Pelecanos published by Reagan Arthur Books/Little, Brown and Company

The Cut - book cover


In addition to being a best-selling author of over a dozen novels Mr. Pelecanos was a writer and producer of The Wire the best (in my humble opinion) cable TV drama ever and (obviously)  an admirer of the late great mystery novelist Elmore Leonard (and that can never be wrong.)

George Pelecanos
George Pelecanos