KWIK KWOTES: Ruminating on a Certain Social Media Site …..

I see all those happy, smiling faces on a certain social media site whose title rhymes with casebook – and wonder about all the secrets, lies, disappointments and half-forgotten dreams hiding just behind those smiles – and a line from Will Shakespeare comes to mind: “If you prick us, do we not bleed….

I know, I know . Once an English major …..


Is This Why Some of Us Write Blogs?

“Your need for communication was served without your having to risk any real intimacy. That is why it became such an obsession. because you need the communication. I think, and I have told the family the same thing, that it’s fine to enjoy that radio, but you must put it into balance with the rest of your life.”

The speaker is Dr. Hooper, a psychiatrist who has been asked to meet with Walter Brinkman, a recently retired industrialist with serious esteem issues. (He has already tried to commit suicide.)  His well-meaning but controlling daughter, Barbara, is worried that her father’s obsession with his ham radio may be his way of dealing with the recent loss of his wife of thirty years.

Substitute the words “weblog” or “Internet” or the phrase “social media” for “radio” and these lines from Anne Rosner’s 1981 short story “Prize Tomatoes” suddenly become eerily relevant.

But then the issues raised by Ms. Rosner in this compelling piece of fiction will always be  timely as long as there are people dealing with the loss of loved ones. over identifying with the roles cast upon by them by their professions and struggling to find something to replace them in the wake of sudden retirement and/or prolonged periods of unemployment in one’s chosen field.

Talking About Texting: What Does “ICYMI” Mean?

According to self-described “social media dork”  Joe Lazauskas, writing an item called “13 Internet Slang Terms You Need to Know” in the website ICYMI means “In Case You Missed It”. The  example he gives is “ICYMI I started using frivolous acronyms.”

For the other twelve click on the link below:…/13-internet-slang-terms-you-need-to-kno…

(Sheesh! And I just learned what “NSFW” means … the hard way.)